About Me

Who am I?

I’m a naturalist, a writer, an educator.

I contain a lifetime of stories about rivers and backlot forests, salamanders and snakes, smoggy cities and rural towns.

I’ve lived in fifteen different communities across seven states and currently reside in the southwest corner of Washington.

I’ve been a park ranger, whitewater raft guide, environmental educator, office manager, cashier, animal rehab volunteer and did laundry in an Alaskan fishing lodge for three months.

I live with eighteen honeybee colonies, fifty-two chickens, two box turtles, a cat and a human. I’m instant friends with every dog I meet.

I’ve studied pinnipeds, herbal medicine, outdoor recreation management, bats, intertidal invertebrates, aikido, judo, beekeeping, nature journaling, photography, and natural resource interpretation.

I teach workshops on beekeeping, teaching in nature, nature observation and writing.

And I believe that getting people outside, interacting with their local environments, is the quickest path towards increasing happiness and creating a deeply meaningful life.